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Dumpster rental companies play a vital role in every type of construction project, including new construction. Dumpster rental companies have solutions to help reduce waste management issues. According to, on average, you can expect to generate about 3.9 pounds of waste per square foot at a new construction site. Let’s discuss why dumpsters are crucial for work sites.

Time Is Money

One of the most important benefits of working closely with a dumpster rental company to manage worksite debris is the amount of time that it saves. Dumpster companies can provide a range of different container sizes, drop the container off, and pick it up. In other words, there is no time lost on the job site hauling waste to the landfill. Dump trucks can focus on managing other construction site needs. Having the right support is a time saver and keeps your focus on where it needs to be.

The Size of the Debris

Not only do new construction sites generate a lot of debris, but they generate a lot of large debris. Waste can be a tremendous safety hazard, especially mountains of large waste. Keeping the worksite clear of debris is essential to worksite safety. Having a container nearby will make moving around the construction area easier.

Stay Organized

Every new construction site needs a container company on its team to keep things organized. Having separate spaces to keep waste can help to cut down on confusion and reduce the risk of mistakes being made like new materials getting mixed in with debris. There are many operations taking place at a construction site, so make the process easier by renting a dumpster.

Waste containers are an essential part of any new construction site. They help to keep everyone on task, improve safety, and save money. Acadiana Waste Service LLC will ensure that you have the container that you need when you need it. We’ll pick it up when it is ready to go. Contact us today!