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Dumpsters come in a variety of sizes, but roll off dumpsters are especially useful for construction projects. They are typically larger than other types of dumpsters and can hold a significant amount of debris. If you’re planning a construction project, it’s important to understand the basics of dumpster sizing.

A roll off dumpster is a large container that can be used for various purposes, but it’s most commonly used for waste disposal. They come in many different sizes to accommodate the needs of different projects. Here is a guide to help you better understand roll off dumpster sizing, starting with what exactly this type of dumpster is.

What Is a Roll Off Dumpster?

A roll off dumpster, as the name implies, is a large container that can be “rolled off” of a truck when it is delivered to your location. They are commonly used for construction projects, as they can hold a lot of waste material. They come in many different sizes, so it is important to choose the right size for your project.

What Are the Different Sizes?

There are many different sizes of roll off dumpsters, but they can generally be categorized into four different size categories: small, medium, large, and extra-large. The size you need will depend on the scope of your project. A 10-yard dumpster holds up to three tons of waste, according to Fixr.

Some companies may have sizes ranging from 10 yards to 40 yards. The most common roll off dumpster sizes are 20 yards and 30 yards. A 40-yard dumpster may hold as much as 12,000 pounds or 6 tons of waste, which is ideal for extremely large construction projects.

  • Small roll off dumpsters: Small roll off dumpsters are typically around three to five yards in size. They are ideal for small projects such as residential cleanups or small renovations.
  • Medium roll off dumpsters: Medium roll off dumpsters range from six to eight yards in size. Renovations or home additions are best suited for this size of dumpster.
  • Large roll off dumpsters: Large roll off dumpsters are typically around nine to 10 yards in size. A commercial construction project or home demolition would require this size of dumpster.
  • Extra-large roll off dumpsters: Extra-large roll off dumpsters are at least 11 yards or more in size. It’s recommended that you use them for very large demolition or commercial construction.

How to Choose the Right Size

Now that you know the different sizes of dumpsters, how do you choose the right one for your project? There are a few things to consider when choosing the right size for your dumpster.

  • Scope of the project: First, consider the scope of your project. Projects such as renovations or home cleanups will usually only require a small dumpster. On the other hand, large projects such as commercial construction or home demolition will require a large dumpster.
  • Amount of waste material: You should have a good idea of how much waste material your project will generate. This will help you determine what size you need. For example, a small home cleanup might only generate a few cubic yards of waste material. In this case, a small dumpster would be sufficient. However, a park clean-up might generate a few tons of waste material. In this case, a medium dumpster can work.
  • Your budget: The budget for your project is also an important consideration when choosing the right dumpster. Roll off dumpsters can vary in price depending on the size and the company you rent from. It’s important to get a few quotes from different companies to compare prices.

If you’re ever unsure as to what size you should pick, don’t hesitate to ask a dumpster rental company. The professionals at the company will have plenty of experience and know all of the necessary details about dumpsters. They’ll be able to help you choose the dumpster best suited for your project.

Roll off dumpsters are a great way to dispose of waste material from your construction projects. They come in many different sizes to accommodate the needs of different projects. To choose the right dumpster, come to Acadiana Waste Services, LLC. Contact us today to get started.