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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions - Lafayette City/Parish

I Just Moved To Lafayette, How Do I Sign Up For Garbage Service?

If you need to sign up for service in the Unincorporated area of Lafayette Parish, you can call our office at 337-205-7710 or click here to submit an online request form

For new residents inside the City of Lafayette incorporated limits, please call LUS at 337-291-8280.

How do I know what my service day is?

You can click here to go to the interactive map to identify your weekly collection day.

I have a lot of trash. How do I order a second container?

Our 95-gallon container is quite large and adequate for most households. However, if you would like a second container, you may order one for a one-time usage fee of $90. This fee covers the costs for the disposal of the additional waste for the duration of our services to you.  Payment for the 2nd cart must be made at the time of the order.

If I live in the city and want to recycle, what do I need to do? Do I have to pay for a recycling cart?

You can register for curbside recycling and order a recycling cart by using the web form, or by calling 337-205-7710. There is no charge for the recycling cart. The service is included in your monthly bill.

When will the new containers be delivered?

All customers who ordered carts during the initial enrollment period (February – September 2023) have received their new carts. Customers who ordered carts after September 15 will receive them within 4-6 weeks of placing the order. If you would like to pick up a cart immediately, you may pick one up at our offices at 2107 Carmel Drive, Lafayette LA 70501.

What can I recycle?

Aluminum and Steel Cans: This includes aluminum and steel cans, pie plates, and foil. Cans shall be rinsed to avoid health and nuisance issues. Likewise, aluminum pie plates and foil shall be free of all food matter.

Paper & Cardboard: This includes office paper (all colors), newspaper (remove newspaper from plastic bag), magazines, phone books, cereal, and other food boxes, beverage 6- and 12-pack paper boxes, writing paper, copier paper, catalogs, and corrugated cardboard (for sanitation and nuisance reasons, cardboard food boxes should not be placed in the Recycle Cart).

Plastics: This includes plastic containers with a neck including water bottles, soda bottles, condiment bottles, shampoo bottles, milk jugs, bleach bottles, liquid laundry detergent bottles and cleaning product bottles. Plastic containers shall be rinsed before placing in the Cart. No plastic packaging shall be placed in the Cart, and plastic bags and Styrofoam shall not be placed in the Recycle Cart.  PLEASE NOTE THAT NO BAGGED MATERIAL MAY BE PLACED IN THE RECYCLING CONTAINER.

A full list of recyclable materials can be found here

I live in a rural area that does not currently have curbside recycling. How can I recycle?

Residents of the parish can bring their recycled goods to the drop-off location at the AWS facility at 2107 Carmel Drive, Lafayette, LA 70501.

What do I do if my pickup day falls on a holiday?

AWS does not operate on the holidays listed below. If your pickup falls on a holiday, the waste will be collected on the next day and all subsequent days will be pushed back. For example, if your usual collection day falls on Monday, December 25th your waste will be collected on Tuesday, December 26th.  Tuesday service will then be pushed to Wednesday, Wednesday to Thursday, etc.

  • New Years Day
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas

What is the pickup schedule during a holiday week?

If a holiday falls on a weekday, your collection will take place one day following your scheduled pickup day for that week. For example, if Christmas falls on a Monday, all collections that week will take place one day later. If your weekly collection day is Friday, the waste will be collected on Saturday.

How do I dispose of large appliances, furniture, sofas or other large bulky items?

AWS will pick up any of these items on your scheduled collection day. We ask that you please schedule these items for pick up at least 24 hours in advance by completing the web form (, emailing us at or by calling 337-205-7710.

How do I dispose of large piles of yard waste that cannot be bundled or bagged?

AWS will pick up large tree trimmings not to exceed six feet in length placed at the curb on your regularly scheduled collection day. We ask that you please schedule these items at least 24 hours in advance by completing the web form (, emailing us at or by calling 337-205-7710.

Please note: AWS will only pick up tree trimmings performed by the residents. Any commercial company that performs tree trimming is responsible for their own disposal.

Will AWS remove excess garbage during the holidays?

Yes. AWS will collect excess garbage and debris as long as it is bagged and placed neatly by your cart after the following holidays:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas

What should I do with my Christmas tree?

You may leave your Christmas tree at the curb on your regular collection day.

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