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Renting a container from a dumpster rental business provides a convenient way to dispose of waste and debris. However, not everything belongs in a dumpster. Some materials can harm workers, damage equipment, or violate regulations. Avoid fines and hazards by keeping these four items out of your rented dumpster.

1. Hazardous Waste

Hazardous household items like chemicals and pesticides require special disposal. Dumping them in a dumpster can release toxins, create dangerous reactions, and contaminate landfills. Contact your local waste management authority to ask about hazardous waste drop-offs or collection days. Never place hazardous waste in a rental dumpster.

2. Liquids

Dumpsters are designed for solid waste only. Liquids like paint, grease, cooking oil, and gasoline can leak from a dumpster, creating environmental hazards and cleanup issues. Absorb small amounts of liquid with cat litter or rags before disposal. For larger quantities, ask your dumpster provider about options like a contained liquid waste dumpster. Restrict liquids to avoid problems.

3. Electronic Waste

Electronics like televisions, computers, and other devices often contain heavy metals and toxins. Dumping e-waste in landfills leads to environmental contamination. Batteries are especially hazardous, and you should always avoid tossing them in a dumpster. Instead, look for local recycling facilities or manufacturers that accept old electronics for responsible recycling and disposal. If you’re ever unsure if a particular electronic can safely be tossed, feel free to contact your local dumpster rental business.

4. Tires

Most dumpster companies prohibit tires, which are difficult to compact and can get caught in compacting equipment. Check local ordinances too, since many areas ban disposing of tires in landfills. Instead, utilize scrap tire collection programs through tire shops or recycling centers. Speaking of car parts, you also cannot place car batteries or car oil in dumpsters. Protect workers and machinery by keeping tires out of dumpsters.

By responsibly keeping certain items out of your rental dumpster, you avoid health and environmental hazards. Be sure to ask your dumpster rental business about proper item disposal. Following these guidelines protects the safety of workers and communities when managing your waste. When the time comes to work with a dumpster rental business for your disposal needs, reach out to Acadiana Waste Services, LLC.