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Recycling Service Requests

Parish residents who want to recycle will have two sites available for drop-off.  Additional details will be communicated in advance.

City residents who want to recycle can complete the form below to request a recycling cart.  In order to keep costs down and prevent contamination in the recycling stream, and ultimately, disposal in a solid waste landfill, please be sure you are willing to only use the recycling cart for the following items:




Steel (Food Cans)

Acceptable Recycling Materials Guide


This includes aluminum soda cans, pie plates, foil, and metal food cans, such as soup or vegetable cans. All items shall be rinsed to avoid health and nuisance issues, and the steel lids shall be fully separated from the metal cans. Likewise, aluminum pie plates and foil shall be free of all food matter.

Paper & Cardboard

This includes office paper (all colors), newspaper (remove newspaper from plastic bag), magazines, phone books, cereal, and other food boxes, beverage 6- and 12-pack paper boxes, writing paper, copier paper, catalogs, and corrugated cardboard (for sanitation and nuisance reasons, cardboard food boxes should not be placed in the Recycle Cart).


Only certain types of plastics under classifications #1 and #2 are acceptable and should be disposed of in the recycling container. Examples of #1 plastics include water bottles, soda bottles, condiment bottles, or shampoo bottles. Examples of #2 plastics include milk jugs, bleach bottles, liquid laundry detergent bottles, and cleaning product bottles. All other types of plastics are considered unacceptable and should be disposed of with your normal household waste. Containers shall be rinsed and have the caps removed before placing them in the Cart. No plastic packaging, plastic bags, or Styrofoam shall be placed in the Cart.

Important Recycling Note

All items collected as Recyclable Materials are “commingled,” or placed together in the Recycle Cart.

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If you are a resident within the City of Lafayette limits, recycling is available to you. To participate in the recycling program, please request a recycling cart here.

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